What Savings Account has the Best Interest Rates?

Due to the pandemic, the interest rates moved towards the lower side. However, it is still smart to put your money in a savings account that is high-yielding. But, what savings account has the best interest rates?

There are some major steps to follow in order to select the best savings account to work in your favour.

Even during this recession time, opening up a high-yield savings account will help you to save money for emergencies and future goals. So, if you do have some cash aside now, there is no reason for you to wait for the brighter days to come.

Thanks to the internet, it has been a lot easier to open up a savings account. A simple Google search will lead you to hundreds of options from both physical and online banks. Furthermore, the same banks will present you with limited-time incentives or cash bonuses in case you open a savings account or checking account with them.

With so many options by your side, take time to find the best high-yield saving account among the lot. For that best fit, there are some major factors to consider.

Traditional versus the online savings account

Before you plan to visit your traditional bank for opening up a high-yield savings account, always look for the online options first.

  • Online banks mostly have higher interest rates on saving accounts than physical ones.
  • They have lesser overhead to pay as they don’t have physical branches to run.
  • Mainly because of lower operating costs, online banks will pass on savings to customers in higher interest rates forms.
  • Even though it might be one adjustment to do banking virtually, know that online baking money is secure only if the bank has insurance.

Higher than usual interest rates

The savings account interest rates, also known as annual percentage yield, will determine the interest amount that you will earn annually. So, if the APY is higher, then your savings will grow faster.

  • While selecting a high-yield savings account, you might be sure of the one offering APY greater than the average count you will earn in any standard account.
  • Always remember that the APYs from the high-yield savings account are always variable. So, they might fluctuate at any time, based on the economy’s current strength.
  • Even though the majority of the high-yield accounts will hover around 1% APY, this smaller increase can make some huge differences if you get to earn them over time.
  • Some of the accounts will further offer you the chance to earn more, but there are some monthly requirements that you have to meet first for that.

No Fee Charged

You don’t have to pay any extra money just for keeping your money in the account. So, always look for the one which is free to use. For ensuring that you are signing in to an account without any added fees, always go through the terms and conditions well. Make sure to focus on the fine print, too, before you end up signing above the dotted line.