Steps to Activate Mobile Banking

Online banking apps have made life simple by packing the power of your entire bank into a tiny app. Enter your personal banking details and set a banking password, and your phone transforms into your bank – ready for use anywhere! Manage your money with freedom – unlock banking services on your phone through a smooth six-step activation process.

1. Enter Your Registered Mobile Number

Launch your bank’s mobile banking app and tap the prominent activation prompt. This prompts entering your 10-digit mobile number registered with the bank. This preliminary step verifies the device and user identity, initiating the activation flow specific to your bank relationship uniqueness.

2. Provide Your Customer ID for Confirmation

The next step strengthens security by requiring entry of your 8-12 digit customer ID provided at the time of account opening. Retrieving specifics like account numbers every time is tough – memorizing this one customer ID gives you easy access to manage all affiliated accounts. This two-factor authentication confirms you are the genuine account holder trying to activate mobile banking.

3. Authenticate Through a Registered Account

The activation flow now prompts selecting a bank online account registered under the customer ID entered earlier. You must choose any account by providing specifics like account number, holder names, branch, etc. This establishes your ownership of the affiliated account portfolio, formally activating mobile banking access across the breadth of relationships.

4. Verify Mobile Number Via OTP

Your mobile number registration now gets revalidated through a 6-digit one-time password sent to the given mobile number via SMS. You must enter this OTP correctly within the allotted time to receive temporary mobile banking activation. This two-step verification by twin factors of registered mobile number and dynamic OTP makes the onboarding safe and secure.

5. Setup MPIN for Quick Future Logins

Next, you need to establish your mobile banking password, MPIN. This unique 4-6 digit code replaces entering cumbersome account details, usernames, or passwords during every future login or transaction authentication. Memorize the MPIN meticulously as it becomes your new digital signature in mobile banking.

6. Experience Unrestricted Mobile Banking

The MPIN setup marks the completion of secured activation formalities for accessing complete mobile banking privileges. You can now log in seamlessly with the registered mobile phone number and allocated MPIN anytime, anywhere. Congratulations, the flexible power of mobile banking now resides securely in your pocket! Experience the difference between checking balances on the go, making instant money transfers or splitting expense bills with friends.

The Bottom Line

Activating simplified mobile access to personalized banking services is now a swift, seamless, and secure process comprising just six steps. Progressive banks like IDFC First have reinvented processes using digitization to make customers self-sufficient while strengthening safety and transparency protocols. So rather than juggling visits across busy schedules, embrace the convenience of IDFC First Mobile Banking today!