Postman to Provide Car Insurance at Doorstep

Whether you drive a sedan or a SUV, it’s mandatory to get the vehicle insured. There are multiple benefits of car insurance such as cost-saving while repairs and getting coverage at the time of theft or any other accidental damage. Comprehensive car insurance plans also cover third-party liability. In case of adverse circumstances or any injury or casualty to the third-party from your vehicle, the compensation to him would be paid from the insurance policy. Insurance papers are among important car-related documents. Even while buying a second-hand car, it’s crucial to check the status of the insurance policy. Before renewing it or purchasing a new one, ensure to transfer the car insurance in your name. On a car insurance calculator, you can figure the exact amount that you will have to pay as premium.

Till now customers sought advice regarding car insurance plans with either car dealerships or visited offices of insurance providers. Now, Indian Post will sell car insurance plans as well. So, either you can visit your nearest Post Office or the postman will visit your home. Starting July 1, 2021 Indian Post will be selling car insurance plans in the districts of Kaushambi and Prayagraj. The Post Department plans to extend it to other districts as well. The insurance policies would be provided by IPPB (Indian Post Payment Bank), a branch of the Indian Post that provides financial services to unbanked areas.

How to Buy Insurance from the Postal Department?

In order to enquire about car insurance plans and book a slot, you can either visit the website of the post department and request for car insurance. You can also call the Post Office and ask them for a home visit regarding car insurance. You can cross-check the monthly amount on a car insurance calculator.

Documents Required to Buy Insurance

  •   If you want to buy car insurance, you must have a valid Aadhar card and car registration document. The postman may also ask for previous insurance policy details.
  •   Those who have an account with IPPB, just need to provide a car registration number and their account number.

What are Advantages of Buying Car Insurance from Postman?

Buying car insurance plans from Indian Post offers the following benefits:

  •   Authenticity: Indian Post is a large government department that operates across the nook and corner of the country. It selling a particular insurance plan means that there are negligible chances of it being dubious or a sham.
  •   Convenience: You won’t need to make multiple visits to the office of insurance providers. Once the postman collects your identity documents and the car details from your home, the insurance papers too will be dispatched at your home address.
  •   Time-Saver: With the postman paying you a visit, it will save your time as well.
  •   Auto-Debit: In case you have an account with the IPPB, the payment amount will get automatically deducted at a particular date.
  •   Smooth Process: Upon the verification of your car’s registration documents, the insurance would be issued without any further delay.

Key Takeaway

While selecting car insurance plans look for maximum coverage and other additional benefits. For the purpose of third-party accidental liability, it’s mandatory to get your car insured. With a postman providing car insurance right at your doorstep, the process would be easy and save time. It will also get rid of unnecessary documentation. Just keep your personal ID proofs and car registration paper handy and after verification the insurance papers would be delivered at your home by post. Bajaj Allianz car insurance renewal is among the plans offering value for money. Head over to the Finserv MARKETS platform for more such products and useful information!