Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity Defines Credit Card Fraud, Establishes Common Lines of Defense

    Does the idea of having your identity stolen keep you up at night? The FTC reports that credit card fraud has risen over the years, and this is due in large part to our increasing reliance on digital processing. As more and more individuals adopt the convenience of digital spending, with their cards and on the internet, there is the expectation that more fraud may occur.

    With all of that being said, Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity has made a career out of helping his clients to protect their financial future by preparing for it.

    In today’s conversation, we are going to navigate the realities of credit card fraud while adhering to guidelines put in place by Mark Hauser.

    Understanding the Realities of Credit Card Fraud

    When Mark Hauser first attended and graduated from Miami University of Ohio with his degree in finance, he couldn’t have foreseen how dramatically the financial world would shift in the coming years and decades. Now, tuned to the needs of his clients, Hauser has a strict approach to dealing with the realities of credit card fraud.

    • Understand the Problem – Credit card fraud can impact you whether you have a card in your hand or not. Digital data breaches can put your information in the hands of a hacker just as quickly as your card can be cloned from a machine skimmer at the local gas station. Becoming aware of the realities of credit card fraud is the ideal first step.
    • Take Quick Action – Most credit card fraud can be addressed without much material harm to the cardholder. However, this requires a quick response on the part of the cardholder. Subscribe to credit card fraud alerts to help you stay aware of potential fraud so that you can nip it in the bud when the situation presents itself.
    • Practice Secure Habits – Avoid falling prey to most of the typical fraud schemes by practicing secured data habits. Make sure to rotate your passwords and store them offline in an area where they won’t be accessible to intruders.

    Mark Hauser suggests that an ounce of prevention can go a long way toward preventing potential issues in the future. By becoming aware of potential issues, we can avoid them entirely.

    Learn More About Mark Hauser

    The HAUSER Group is headquartered in Cincinnati, where Mark Hauser oversees it. Rapidly expanding since the company’s inception, Hauser has opened offices in Atlanta, Kansas City, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

    Throughout his career, Mark Hauser has enjoyed a dynamic range of investments and financial ventures alongside partner Bob Castellini, including the development of the Cincinnati Sports Mall. The Cincinnati Sports Mall features more than 110,000 sq/ft of space on 13 acres, serving as the official facility for the MLB’s Cincinnati Reds.