Investing In an Ecommerce Business? Adopt the Right Social Media Marketing Strategies

E-commerce businesses are in hot demand right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are now putting their safety and convenience on top of the list when shopping and hence the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly. Nothing appeals more to people than the ease and convenience of getting access to everything within the comfort of their homes.

Now more than ever, people are homebound, and therefore, using the internet as the only source of entertainment has become the new normal for them. This is where e-commerce brands jump in and make the most out of this opportunity. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you have to take advantage of every marketing technique and make sure your e-commerce website reaches the radar of an audience that didn’t know about it.

Another trend that is the rage due to the pandemic is the use of social media. Thousands of new people sign up on social media platforms every single day and thanks to the exposure and impact that social media has on us, these platforms have begun introducing shopping into the mix, in which every party involved can gain some significant advantage.

People want convenience and ease and what’s more convenient than going through a simple and easy-to-understand checkout process? Social media marketing is being increasingly used in the e-commerce sector to build new relationships, simplify processes, boost engagement, produce sales and develop brand awareness. So, when you’re running an e-commerce startup or a huge enterprise, you must make sure you’re investing your money in the right place.

Social media marketing provides the opportunity for an e-commerce business to grow and create meaningful relationships with current as well as prospective customers. To yield the best results using any social media marketing strategy, it’s important to know what your weak points are and what your strong points are. Sometimes, you can have a difficult time engaging with your audience, or catering to a confused target market, either way creating the best social media marketing plan is all you need.

If you’re looking for ways to perfect your social media marketing plan for your E-commerce business, then you’ve come to the right place. Every business out there has a specific target audience, a specific set of goals, and a specific set of values they cannot forego.

Here are a few social media marketing strategies that will transform and catalyze the growth of your e-commerce business. Let’s check them out!

  • First things First, Start Building a Social Media Presence

If your e-commerce brand does not have a strong social media presence already, then this is the best time for you to establish one and start gaining followers. Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform to promote your business, your end goal remains the same – to attract new customers and gain recognition.

Hence, make sure to link your e-commerce website to your bio and contact information page, so your new followers know where to find more of your products they see in the ads. Secondly, you must link a customer support number or email in case your customers need help with anything – have questions regarding their order, inquiries about a product they’re interested in, queries about technical difficulties, etc.

To make sure your social media account appears active and interactive, you should spice up your business profile. Adding a profile picture as well as a cover page if you are using Twitter or Facebook gives the impression to your customers that you care about appearance and gives them an insight on what they should expect from your E-commerce business.

Following lots of famous brands that offer similar products or services is important as it helps you keep an eye on what your competition is doing. You can also boost engagement by commenting on recent posts and tweets of famous brands, so some customers take notice – regardless of whether they follow you or not – and recognize your brand the next time they see your ad. Stay connected on all your social media platforms with AT&T internet service and never worry about losing an opportunity to attract new customers!

  • Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that influencers have found their true calling, thanks to the growing popularity of social media platforms. With more than thousands and millions of followers interested in what they have to say, influencers build their following by latching onto opportunities that allow growth. And this is where you jump in.

You have the chance to sell your products through paid advertising without paying as much as you do for it originally. With influencer marketing, you have to reach out to an influencer through the use of DM’s (direct messaging) or email with hopes that an influencer notices and replies back to your message.

You then ask the influencer to promote a product or talk about it with an interesting USP in their next video, post, or story, so their followers gain interest in the product. It is important to make sure that the influencer you do your business with can provide your E-commerce business some sort of ROI because typically, a deal does not work out unless all parties involved are at an advantage.

  • Making use of Social Commerce

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer e-commerce brands tools and resources to amplify their reach on the platform. The sole purpose of such tools and features is to simplify the whole ‘purchase and check-out process. Instagram, being the most successful one in this aspect, recently introduced “Shoppable Posts”, which allow tagging items in the post with their price and purchase link. Not to mention, this is a free tool on every platform and helps prospective customers purchase your product directly from the platform!

  • Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is a strategy where you gain the trust of your followers through organic  marketing approaches without paying for it. This is a slow process but very effective as it only requires a strong and engaging social media presence.

Stay updated with the trends

Social media marketing has always been and will always be a very effective method of marketing with many benefits. Showcasing your online personality is very important, especially if you’re a growing E-commerce brand. Follow these strategies and make sure you’re investing your money in the right place!