How to Manage a Cost-Effective Works Night Out

We are reaching the time of year when it is time to start booking the works Christmas night out. I know it’s a few months away but in order to make sure that you get the best deal possible it is imperative that you book as early as possible if you are the person responsible for arranging the night. In fact, every year the deadlines for these things seem to get earlier and earlier, and for many workplaces it can become a bone of contention for colleagues to be asked to put a deposit down in September for a Christmas meal they are going to have three months later!

If you are the person responsible for planning the works Christmas night out, or in fact any event linked to your workplace, you’ll want to keep the costs down. There are several options open to you, as the last thing you want to do is be left with a huge bill to pay in advance, a deposit, or have to take out a personal loan over a short period of time, just to secure a venue or other aspect of a future event with your workplace.

So, what are the different things you can do this Christmas (or for any works event) that can help to minimise the costs for all concerned?

An easy one is to make sure that the party starts in the office. This could be pre-drinks in the office at the end of the day. If your works night out is a Friday night, all the better because it means that people can immediately relax and let their hair down without having to worry about coming into work the next day with a hangover (for those that drink alcohol). You can bring in drinks, snacks, and games to the office and get everyone involved. Ask people to bring their own booze (BOYB) and as a gesture maybe ask the boss for a first drink on them to loosen people up and get the party started.

You could also choose to have the entire night in the office, clearing some space to make a dancefloor, hiring a buffet or other caterer (or even just ordering in a load of takeaway pizza) and letting people enjoy a space that you already pay for without thinking about the extra cost of venue hire. In most cases we would advise that you don’t do this, instead finding the balance between a cost-effective venue hire price and a good time. This is where being early with the booking comes in handy, allowing you to choose the best venues around, preferably close enough to your place of work that even if you arrange for and pay for taxis to the venue from the office, it isn’t going to cost too much money.

There are so many choices for a good works night out, but it is best to be as prepared as possible, well in advance. This gives plenty of time to put together kitties for drinks during the night, to arrange a great venue, and to organise travel without having to worry on the night about potential logistical headaches. This could make all the difference to the upcoming festive season.