How Daniel Shin Sets the Tone for Innovation at PortOne Global, Key Insights & Tendencies

As the founder and co-CEO of PortOne, Daniel Shin has enjoyed more than ten prosperous years in the public spotlight as he has helped to empower digital commerce partners throughout Asia. An angel investor and entrepreneur with a unique focus on team building and development, Shin has taken an active role in expanding his ideas while offering suggestions to those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Recently focused on his work with PortOne, Shin had previously founded TicketMonster, where he helped develop the leading e-commerce unicorn in the region, attaining more than $3.5 billion in GMV.

Equipped with a string of recent successes, Daniel Shin outlined a few key steps that other entrepreneurs could take to come closer to his work.

Look For the Right Team

If you spend even just a moment reading about Daniel Shin, you’ll come to realize that he focuses on team-building efforts at every level of his organization. The Wharton Graduate routinely focuses on looking for the best possible people that he can.

Shin says, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life without much friction.”

To find the right team members, Shin looks for individuals who can add to his work while enabling faster execution of his various business strategies. This means that he looks for people where open communication and collaboration are a possibility.

Build on Unique Concepts

You can’t find enduring success or long-term separation from the pack of competition if you don’t sell anything new or unique. Entrepreneurs thrive most when they differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Shin found this to be the case when he developed Fast Track Asia, a funding hub for various companies looking to push the envelope with unique ideas. The best business ideas rely on teams that can take new ideas and package them into something consumable.

Entrepreneurs in the gilded age of the Internet are always going to be competing against the world around them. Unique ideas and concepts are a great way to build some separation in an over-saturated market.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leap

If a penny gets you started, a pound gets you where you are going. Daniel Shin is a devout believer in the idea that you have to take risks in order to find success at the highest level of your craft. Shin understands that not every idea can lead to profit, but by navigating them with a trusted team of advisors, you can end up with one that does.

Looking to Fast Track Asia, Daniel Shin touts numerous angel investing opportunities he has embraced, including Fast Five, Day1 Company, and Goodoc, which was recently acquired by Yello Mobile.