Here are the Best Personal Finance Affiliate Programs in India

Personal finance affiliate programs are trusted ways to generate a second income. This can be done within the least possible time and with zero investments. You must partner with a reputable bank and match their eligibility criteria. These programs come with zero fuss and financial risks. There are no middlemen as well.

The payout is sent to you directly to help you fulfil a few wishes like paying off an education loan, saving for a new home or helping an ageing parent live well.

Banks use this as a form of referral marketing. You are rewarded sufficiently for promoting their products and services and increasing their customer base. Read on to know more.

Top finance affiliate programs

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App helps you become an individual loan partner and receive impressive payouts. This is one of the best financial affiliate programs in India, which makes it easy to earn ₹50,000 per month. You get a dedicated client acquisition support and relationship manager to help you kickstart the earning process. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Simply make sure your target audience is:

  • 23 years and above
  • Lives in a serviceable location of IDFC FIRST Bank and
  • Are Indian nationals

You should also be able to assist them with the loan application and document verification process for a seamless borrowing journey. They should also be in urgent need of a loan so that you, as an agent, can receive the incentive sooner with each successful application.

Individuals can apply for any amount between ₹20,000 and ₹40 lakhs. They can pick a tenure between 6 months and 60 months as per their current financial abilities. The top personal finance affiliate programs like the one offered by IDFC FIRST Bank, make sure:

  • You are earning a 1.5% payout on the approved loan amount.
  • You are further compensated with rewards like cash prizes and gadgets.
  • Outstanding performances are being recognized at the branch, regional, zonal, and national levels.

This program is perfect for working professionals, students, and senior citizens. One of the top features that make it the best financial affiliate program in India is that the payments are weekly. This way, it is highly convenient to tick off small financial needs like paying school utility bills, house rent, EMIs and tuition fees without missing the deadlines.

The money is sent to your bank account directly. There are no hassles of visiting the branch or human interactions. Start using the money right away without usage restrictions. Try to convince your peers by talking about the benefits of a personal loan instead of relying on their savings, credit cards or emergency corpus to close financial gaps.

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App helps you earn money even on the go! Start with downloading the app, verifying the OTP, and completing the registration. Make sure you upload genuine and legible documents to qualify without hiccups. This is also a way to create goodwill with the bank for future benefits.