Here Are Some of The Best Data Analytics Courses!

    Data analysts are often confused with data scientists. Yes, both data analysts and data scientists work with data, but what they do with data is very different. Data analysts help business owners in making decisions by finding answers to a set of questions using data. Data analysts have become of huge importance to an organization, and there is a huge gap in the talent market, with the demand being very high and the availability of talent being low.

    Is It Worth Doing Data Analytics Courses Online?

    The simple answer to this question is yes. Data analytics is not just a word; it is something that can have huge effects on a business. It allows big companies like Netflix and Spotify to personalize even small things and details in their offerings. It helps them understand customer behavior. It is transforming all the areas like education, healthcare, travel, and politics, and these are just a few.

    These data analysts are of utmost importance as they can work with data and leverage it. The value of data analysts has increased in both big and small companies in the last decade, and analysts have gained a competitive edge over other professions.

    Top Courses That Are Suitable for Data Analytics for Business Professionals –

    • Data Analyst Nanodegree (Udacity)

    Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree teaches you skills, knowledge, and tools that are needed to build a career in data analytics. It not only covers theory and practical but also consists of regular 1-on-1 mentor calls, an active student community, and also career support services.

    This program is suitable for people who have work experience in Python and SQL Programming. However, if you lack these prerequisites, it does not make you unsuitable for learning. There is another program that is made specifically for beginners, which is “Programming for Data Science.” This beginner course will cover the basics of Python programming from a data science perspective.

    • CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

    This data analytics courses online is for beginners who want to learn data analytics from scratch and requires four months to be completed if you do it full-time and eight months if you do it part-time.

    This course offers a hands-on curriculum, a dual mentorship model, guarantees a job in the future, career coaching, and a student community. The course will give you a practical approach, and you will work on various portfolio projects.

    • Springboard Data Analytics Career Track

    This certification is for people who possess an ability towards critical thinking and problem solving and have at least two years of work experience. The course is available online and is mentored. The course is flexible and guarantees a job if you have knowledge about the industry and are planning to switch careers to a different field. The program takes about six months to be completed if you dedicate 15-20 hours per week.

    As soon as you enroll, you will be matched with a mentor based on your availability and the skills you want to equip. You will be required to apply your new theory to case studies and project-based assignments. To get certified, you will be needed to work on a project which will be reviewed by the mentor.

    • Data Science Specialization (Coursera)

    This certification is offered by Coursera in collaboration with John Hopkins University. It is a ten-course program that helps you understand the data science pipeline at a basic level. Although this course is open to everyone, students who have beginner-level experience in Python and are familiar with the basics of regression should prefer joining it. The curriculum is taught through online videos and complementary readings.

    Students are tested through auto-graded practice quizzes and assignments graded through peers. The program includes a hands-on project that allows students to use their knowledge practically.

    • Wharton Business Analytics Online Certificate Program

    This online certification is the ideal program for managers and leaders who wish to improve their decision-making skills by learning data analytics. If you want to excel in your current job role and lead your team to success without changing your career to data analytics, this is the best way to do it.

    The program is flexible and functions at low intensity to help you learn the fundamentals of data analytics for business.

    The course consists of nine modules that will help you understand different types of data analysis as well as the key methods and tools. The program teaches through a combination of video and online lectures. Students will work with assignments and receive feedback based on their performance.

    The course takes around three months to complete if you dedicate six to eight hours per week.

    • Excel to MySQL (Coursera)

    This certification is offered by Duke University and is available on Coursera. This is a course that is suitable for beginners and teaches students how to obtain more information from the data they already have in their hands.

    This program is divided into five courses. Students start by learning best practices for using data analytics to learn to give a competitive edge to their business. Then they move on to classes in Excel, Tableau, and MySQL. Each course has a project, and the final course is dedicated to the Capstone Project, sponsored by Airbnb. In this project, students have to give ideas as to how a business can improve its profits.

    In the end, ten students are selected and given feedback on their projects from the data scientists working at Airbnb.

    • BrainStation Data Analytics Certificate

    This course is just ten weeks long, even if you study it on a part-time basis. This course is ideal if you are hesitating to commit to a lengthy program.

    This course teaches all the basics of data analytics. This course is very less focused on a career change, so you won’t benefit from extensive mentorship or career coaching. Through this course, three areas will be covered: building and managing databases, identifying trends in data, and visualizing and presenting insights.

    Wrapping Up

    Data analysis is a growing area, and the talent available in the field is very less as compared to the demand. If you are in search of a popular brand that can serve you with the best data analytics courses online, then Hero Vired is what you seek.

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