Do These Investigations Before Meeting with a Truck Accident Lawyer!

Getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle might be fatal. High-speed accidents involving large trucks, such as 18-wheelers or “big rigs,” are common. When a car collides with a commercial truck, the injuries and property damage that occur can be severe. As a result, if you were wounded in a truck accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer will be extremely beneficial to you. If you were the driver of the truck though, you might need the help of a workers compensation lawyer.

In order to adequately defend you, your lawyer will need to know a lot about you, the trucking company, your vehicle, the accident, and your injuries. It’s a good idea to do some homework before your initial visit with an attorney. It is critical to acquire the five types of evidence listed below before consulting with a truck accident lawyer. Make the most of your visit with a truck accident lawyer by following these suggestions. Consult with your lawyer equipped with this list and any relevant papers, documents, or images.

Information on the trucking company and the driver

  1. It is critical to know the name of the transportation company.
  2. Do you know what the trucker’s name is?
  3. What is the license plate number on the truck?
  4. Is there any more license plates or identifying information included with the truck?
  5. Do you have the truck driver’s CDL number?
  6. Please let me know if this truck or its driver is associated with any other businesses.
  7. Has the driver or the trucking firm been thoroughly investigated?

Detailed Report on the Truck Crash

  • What was the underlying cause of the mishap?
  • Is a police report available?
  • What types of traffic offenses were charged against the drivers?
  • Did anyone take any photos or videos at the scene?
  • Is there any media coverage on the scene?
  • Do you have the names and contact information for any witnesses or others involved in the incident?
  • When and where was the truck accident?
  • Was the road how you expected it to be (wet, dry, smooth, potholed, etc.)?
  • Is this incident involving any additional vehicles or people?
  • Do you know if an ambulance has arrived on the scene?

Obtaining Medical Records Following a Truck Accident

  • What are some of your typical pastimes that are now out of limits due to your injuries?
  • What was your initial diagnosis following the truck collision?
  • Is there a hospital where you’ve been taken? How much time did you spend in the hospital?
  • How did your early treatments go?
  • Was an x-ray or other type of imaging method used?
  • Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
  • Is there anything bothering you at the moment?
  • Have you ever been injured in a similar way before?

The Vehicle You’re Driving and a Truck Accident

  • How old is your vehicle? What year, make, and model do you have?
  • Is the car owned by a bank or a lien holder?
  • How long have you owned the car?
  • Are you pleased with the vehicle’s performance?
  • How much damage did the crash do to your vehicle?
  • Do you have a rough estimate of the damage?
  • Were there any dings, dents, or scrapes on your vehicle prior to the accident?
  • Have before-and-after photos of your vehicle.

Information about your personal and financial situation

  • What is your present position, if you have one?
  • What is your annual salary?
  • Is there any time you’ve lost at work as a result of the accident?
  • Is your driver’s license out of date? Please let me know if you have auto insurance.
  • Who is your insurance company?
  • Have you ever been involved in a car accident?
  • What type of criminal history do you have?

Hire a Lawyer to Assist You With Your Truck Accident Case

An expert truck accident lawyer can answer any concerns you have about filing a claim against a commercial trucking company, dealing with insurance providers, or just deciding what to do next.