Qualities of Safe Payday Loans

A significant number of Canadians take out a payday loan every year. While these loans can be a savior in the most stressful moments, they can also trap you in a vicious cycle of debt if you aren’t careful with where you borrow and how you use the borrowed money.

So, the only way to be sure that you are getting a good deal is to borrow money from a reputable lender. Getting your payday loan from an online lender such as Prets Rapides guarantees you peace of mind when you need it most.

This post discusses some of the top qualities of safe online payday loan lenders you need to know.

1. BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that plays a critical role in helping consumers to identify legitimate businesses. It operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

They can also help with mediation when there is a disagreement between customers and companies.

Before you complete that online application form, check out the potential lender’s BBB rating. You should also check out how many complainants past customers have filed against the lender and how they handled the issues.

2. No Hidden Fees

Some lenders are cunning and will always want to find a way of gaining maximum profits at your expense.  Even though the law requires all payday loan lenders to be transparent about their terms and conditions, some will still find a way to hide information from you.

Therefore, before you submit your loan application request, make sure the contract clearly outlines all forms of fees you need to pay throughout the loan period. If anything isn’t clear, ask for clarification from the lender or move on to the next lender.

Sometimes, hidden fees can accumulate really quickly, making it almost difficult to repay the loan on time.

3. Availability of Contact Information

This is particularly important for online lenders. Don’t just fill that application form blindly and submit it to the lender.

Check out their website to see if you can locate the lender’s contact information. If all you have is a generic contact form, send them a query and see how responsive they are before submitting your loan application.

Keep in mind that legitimate payday loan lenders don’t have an issue with sharing their physical address, phone number, or email address. Be sure to establish where the company is based or if they mainly operate online.

4. No Money Upfront

No legitimate and reputable payday loan lender will request money upfront. Genuine lenders know that you are already in a fix, and you need money to address the emergency.  Therefore, they will not ask for any money from you upfront.

If a potential payday loan lender asks you to pay them a processing fee upfront, let it serve as a red flag.  If anything doesn’t make sense, don’t think twice; move to the next lender.

In most cases, reputable payday loan lenders will process your loan and charge the origination/processing fee out of the loan proceeds. If you come across a lender who is unwilling to do so, they are probably scammers.

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How to Repay Your Personal Loan Quickly?

With the economic depression the country is currently going through, the expenses are higher compared to the income levels. This arises the need to apply for instant personal loans from banks or non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). Personal Loans are one of the best products for all kinds of financial assistance. They are often unsecured in nature i.e. you do not have to provide any collateral as security against the loan. Also, there are no restrictions on the utilization of loan funds. The maximum tenure allowed to repay personal loans is five years. Many banks and lending institutions also offer personal EMI calculators to organize loan repayments with ease. However, in such times many people find it difficult to repay the loan amount as the equated monthly instalments (EMIs) take a toll on their monthly incomes. However, repayment of instant personal loans can be less tedious if you follow the below steps towards lowering the loan burden. These include:

  • Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Transferring your high-interest instant personal loans to a low-interest loan opportunity helps in repaying your loan faster. However, this is possible when you enjoy a good credit score, thus, allowing you to save on your overall interest cost while also reducing the EMI loan amounts to be repaid. A balance transfer is a provision under which you can transfer your existing personal loan to a new lender for a better interest rate of offers on loans. The option works well if you want to get approved for a higher amount at a lower interest rate. With the personal loan balance transfer facility, your previous outstanding balance is completely closed, you’re offered a higher loan amount and a more flexible repayment tenure – all this at a lower interest rate. That said, it isn’t the best option if you want to close your personal loan early but it can still be considered as an acceptable option.

  • Full Prepayment Of Loan

If the loan repayment is done in full then it can be done relatively early into the tenure of the loan, a borrower tends to save a lot on the interest. A personal loan generally has a lock-in period of about 1 year after which the outstanding loan amount can be prepaid. Many banks will allow you to prepay your instant personal loans without any charges provided you pre-pay using your funds. As such, prepayment of your loans can bring down your monthly instalment burden without any additional charges. Most banks levy some charges on prepayment of the loan. Compare the rate of interest that you’ll save with the cost of prepayment and then decide accordingly. If your lending institution permits, you can also choose to make a part payment. It will help reduce your EMIs and tenure of the loan

  • Debt Repayment in Higher Interest Rates

The availability of multiple loans and credit card options resulted in an increasing number of people falling in a debt trap. An instant personal loan charges more interest than other loan repayment options on loans. To ensure timely repayment of all the loan amounts taken. Hence, it is important to prioritise debt repayment in higher interest rates. This means that the personal loans must be repaid before paying the EMIs of all other loans.

  • Increase Repayments with Rising in Income

Whenever there is a rise in your income or you get extra money with you you can opt to repay your loans faster by increasing the EMIs. Assuming that you get an 8% raise, you can easily increase your loan EMIs by 5%. If you raise the amount of your monthly personal loan instalment, it would not be wrong to say that the outstanding balance of your loan will decrease and you would be able to pay the complete amount and close your loan faster. Nevertheless, the monthly burden will be increased for a certain period but you can eventually end up paying your loan faster and be debt-free.

  • Lower Your Expenses

To reduce your loan burden, you need to make some lifestyle adjustments to accommodate your loan repayments and ensure you have enough money to pay higher EMIs. Cutting down on luxuries and unwanted spending can save a lot of money that can move towards paying loan EMIs. Diligent savings & investments right from the beginning will help create a good fall back for any expenses that would come up in future.

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How Can I Benefit From Child Tax Cash Advance Loans?

Financial emergencies can pop up at any time. Families who seek payday loans in Canada don’t usually have time to wait for approval, especially when finances regarding children are involved. But with the help of child tax cash advance loans, parents and guardians have sufficient options.

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a governmental program that provides completely tax-free payments to help families who have children under the age of 18. CCB is an essential and widely-used program, but many families still struggle with finances before payments arrive. That’s where lenders like iCASH come into play. Families can use their income from CCB to apply for emergency loans.

What are Child Tax Cash Advance Loans?

Because CCB program payments are considered annual income, families can use it to help qualify for payday loans in Canada. This option is especially helpful when dealing with unexpected (or expected) financial obligations. These cash advances use the family’s income based on the child tax credit itself, and they’re known as “baby bonus payday loans.”

Families can leverage this annual “income” to apply for payday loans when they need cash or credit due to childrearing expenses. This type of loan is especially helpful for families who need extra money before their tax credit (payment) arrives.

How Much Can You Get?

The government uses each individua’s income to determine the amount of tax credit granted, meaning that each family will receive a different amount. But generally speaking, parents or guardians can count on at least a few hundred dollars in support per child. As children grow older, though, the benefits decrease.

Not all lenders accept this tax credit as income, but iCASH is one of the top providers of payday loans in Canada that allows the inclusion of child tax benefits. As for child tax cash advance loans, families can apply for the same amount they usually receive from the government, or up to $1,500.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Payday Loans?

As mentioned above, lenders like iCASH understand that there isn’t always time to wait when financial emergencies arise. And, again, this is especially true when these expenses are associated with raising children. The entire process to receive child tax cash advance loans — from start to finish — usually takes under an hour. That means that families can walk away with up to $1,500 in less than 60 minutes.

Perks of Online Applications

With secure online applications, payday loans in Canada are more accessible than ever before. Borrowers can even apply using the iCASH phone app, with most receiving instant approval. Payday loans are a much faster method of securing emergency funds than traditional bank loans, which often require days for approval and a lot of paperwork. Additionally, they tend to be a better option than credit cards, as payday loans have lower interest rates. And borrowers who repay their loans on time can receive perks like cashback and faster approval on future cash advances.

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Considering Applying For Payday Loans? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Dealing with an unforeseen financial mess can be challenging. If you need a small amount of money to just stay afloat until your next salary day, you can consider payday loans. A payday loan, true to the name, is due on the next pay day. Your next pay day should be 8 or more days away, but not exceeding 31 days. In other words, this is a short-term loan, and you can complete the application form online on websites like LA Progressive. In this post, we are discussing more on things that are worth knowing before you apply for payday loans.

What are the advantages of payday loans?

Applying for payday loans is simple and easy, and you can finish your application in minutes. Depending on the lender, you can expect to get approval in a day or two, and money can be transferred to your bank account within the same business day. How much you can borrow via payday loans depends on which state you belong to, and other factors, such as your income. If you are in California or Texas, you can borrow anywhere between $100 and $1,000. There is no credit check involved, and you don’t a security to get the loan, which is a big advantage. The lender just wants to be sure that you are capable of repaying the money, so your need to have a legal job with a stable income.

Note that payday loans are different from installment loans – the latter allows you to borrow more and pay back in easy installments. If you need more than $1,000, installment loans could be a better choice.

How to compare payday loan lenders?

You need to be careful with any form of unsecured and quick lending option, because the interest rate is high. Lenders are taking the risk of giving an advance without any collateral or credit check, so you are expected to repay the loan with a good interest amount. We recommend that you select a payday loan lender with good reviews, and contact their customer care to check their response. There is typically a cost involved in applying for payday loans, which is an added expense, and you need to ensure that there are no hidden charges. Check the applicable terms and conditions, and make sure that you don’t have to wait for long to get the loan – that defeats the purpose of a payday loan. Websites like have considerable information and resources, and we recommend that you check for details.

Other things to consider

Many payday loan services offer an extension of three days or less, if you are unable to pay on the due date. You also need to check if the website has an active customer care team, so that you can get assistance on queries. Don’t overlook the terms & conditions, and remember that payday loans cannot be an excuse for reckless spending. Consider getting a loan when you really need one, and make the most of that money.

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Applying for a Personal Loan? Do Not Make These Mistakes

A personal loan is an awesome solution for anyone who needs funds without any hassle. It is just important to understand one’s financial needs and pick wisely without hampering the budget. Financial mistakes can cost anyone lots of money. Thus, if you are planning to take out a personal loan like Online Installment Loans | $3000 Instant Approval | Slick Cash Loan, make sure to avoid making the following mistakes to keep your finances in order:

Not Having a Clear Purpose for the Loan

When taking out any kind of loan, you must draw a line between the essentials and the non-essentials. A loan comes with interest so don’t spend it for nothing. It has to be used for something that can help you come out of your financial troubles. Otherwise, you will have to deal with more problems later on. Your current loan will only add to the amount of stress you are already trying to cope with.

Borrowing More than what you can Afford

Although you might be qualified for a higher amount, this does not mean you have to get the maximum amount. Make sure to borrow only what you can pay back. Generally, a personal loan’s equated monthly installment (EMI) must not be more than 10%-15% of your monthly income. This way, you can responsibly pay the loan without stretching your budget.

Picking a Longer Tenure with Low EMIs

Longer tenure with lower EMIs is an easier repayment option you must not embrace this approach. Keep in mind that a shorter term loan is more cost-effective because of the lower payout requirements. When deciding your loan term, consider your monthly budget and repayment capacity.

Not Considering your Credit History

Whether a lender that investigates your credit history or not, you want to make sure you have a good credit score to gain maximum benefits from the loan. A good credit history means a good credit score which proves lenders of your ability to manage your finances properly.  It can get you approved for a loan with a lower interest rate.

Hiding Details of Existing Loans

Every borrower should disclose and share details of their existing loans when applying for a loan. Lenders are careful about existing debts because they impact the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio. If you have a bigger current debt, you will have a lower amount you can dedicate towards paying a new loan back.

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What Lower Unbanked Household Rate Means to Check Cashing

A new survey recently released by the FDIC shows that fewer U.S. households are unbanked than in previous years. Data suggests this is largely due to an improving economy, but other things could be in play. The bigger question is how lower numbers of unbanked households will ultimately affect the check-cashing industry.

Check-cashing companies have always relied on the unbanked population to provide the lion’s share of their consumer base. Not much has changed in that regard over the last two decades. Common sense would dictate that fewer people without bank accounts would mean less business for check-cashing companies. Is that the case? Let us look at the numbers.

The FDIC Report

The report in question is the 2017 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households. The survey is conducted biannually. According to the report, just 6.5% of U.S. households operated without a bank account in 2017. The number was 7% in 2015.

If you are interested in raw numbers, there were 8.4 million households without bank accounts last year. That accounts for some 14.1 million adults overall. So while 6.5% doesn’t seem like much, it still means millions of people without access to traditional banking.

The FDIC report also showed fewer households utilizing alternative financial services, like check cashing for example, falling to 22.1% in 2017. It was at 24% in 2015 and 24.9% in 2013. Note that alternative financial services are not limited to check cashing. They also include payday loans, prepaid debit cards, etc.

Few Demographic Differences

By all accounts, the use of alternative financial services seems to be falling commensurate with the number of unbanked households in the U.S. That makes sense. If you have a bank account into which your paycheck can be directly deposited, there is no need to take your paycheck to a check-cashing store.

It is interesting to note that the FDIC data shows falling numbers across just about every demographic. Regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, or socioeconomic standing, people are using alternative financial services less as a result of more households having bank accounts.

What It Means to Check Cashing

The check-cashing industry is undoubtedly paying close attention to the FDIC data. After all,  the industry’s survival depends on offering services people want to use. The data shows that staying afloat is a matter of finding other services to make up for fewer people cashing their checks.

This explains why so many check-cashing companies are branching out. Rather than just cashing checks, a lot of them are offering payday and installment loans. Others are offering prepaid debit cards and secured credit cards. Money orders are another option.

Check-cashing companies are getting in on transaction services as well. For example, people can now use their local check-cashing stores to pay their bills. Let us say a consumer needs to pay a utility bill despite not having a checking account or credit card. He or she can take cash to their local check-cashing store and pay the bill there.

Everything Evolves

It is highly unlikely that falling unbanked household rates will put the check-cashing industry out of business. Everything evolves, including that industry. Check-cashing stores will continue to serve the unbanked with check cashing and prepaid debit cards, but rest assured that they will also add other services to make up for a loss in check cashing.

A big part of the industry’s future is likely to be short-term lending. They already dominate that space, and there is no reason to believe that fewer unbanked U.S. households will change that.

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Securing a minimal Rate Personal Loan

Selecting the best collateral to secure your low rate personal loan is not easy… based upon the worth and just how easy it is by using each potential collateral item, you might finish up having to pay more in interest with certain kinds of collateral than you’d with other people.

To get the best offer, you have to make certain that you employ the best collateral as security and find the correct lender to provide the borrowed funds. To help you with this particular, you will find useful suggestions below regarding how to help make your collateral choices in addition to tips about looking around for any lender. Hopefully, this should help you to save cash in your loan while still obtaining the money that you’ll require when it’s needed.

How Collateral Works

Prior to getting into the topic of selecting the best collateral to secure the loan, it’s essential that you understand just how collateral activly works to guarantee a minimal rate personal loan. Why collateral can be used to have a loan against default would be that the worth of the product getting used to be sure the loan repayment is generally greater than how much money that’s being lent… and therefore if you can’t pay back the borrowed funds, the lender may take having the collateral item and put up for purchase to get their cash back. This is accomplished like a last measure, obviously it requires both money and time to consider having collateral, after which additional time and much more money to locate a buyer for this. Which means that the lender will need to recover not just the quantity that you simply lent, but the amount that’s been allocated to repossession and selling. If after repeated attempts at collection you’ll still haven’t labored out other options using the lender, however, they is going to do what’s necessary.

Selecting Your Collateral

When selecting the collateral for the low rate personal loan, it’s essential that you bear in mind that the need for anything you use as collateral ought to be greater compared to amount that you are intending to borrow. This shows potential lenders that they may be capable of getting their cash back regardless of what, and can assist you to obtain a lower rate of interest than you may otherwise. Utilizing a collateral item by having an easily-accessible market just like an automobile or gold and silver or one that’s simple for a lender to utilize like home equity may also secure the loan while getting rates of interest lower.

Finding The Loan

Once you have made the decision what type of collateral you are going for to safeguard your low rate loan, you have to start your look for a lender to really provide you with the borrowed funds. Take time to research the different sorts of lenders that are offered in your town, after which begin requesting quotes from each to ensure that you can compare the loans that every lender is providing.

It’s also wise to visit several online lenders, contacting them and asking regarding their loan rates for the total amount you wish to borrow. Compare the different quotes that you have received in order to find the one which has got the cheapest rate of interest and also the most flexible loans. By doing this you can pay back the borrowed funds faster, and cut costs in addition.

When you are looking for the lowest interest rate personal loan Singapore, you will find that Fast Money is the only company that qualifies. It not only offers low interest rate loans, but easy repayment options as well enabling you to fulfill your requirement as well as pay off the loan on time.

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SME Loans with minimum documentation and complete paperless process for unsecured business loans

Fintech lenders have conceptualized the synergies from the application of technology to finance in a novel way. The basic principle behind the paperless lending model is the online and instant access to finance. However, in recent years, paperless has made wide strides into other domains of lending especially SME loans. We shall try and understand the minimum documentation and paperless process of SME business loan extended by fintech lenders and the benefits realized.

Paperless Finance is an innovative step taken to make the business loans easier for borrowers by the use of electronic medium and avoiding the use of paper. Paperwork requires careful maintenance and is a time-consuming process. Further, there is a risk of loss or damage or tampering of confidential information. This took up a lot of effort on the part of the lender and loss of time on the part of the borrower. A paperless system has eliminated these hassles and made finance easily accessible to small business units.

Technology is the major driving force which is has enabled fintech lenders to completely achieve paperless lending.The ecological benefits of paper conservation are also immense.

Features Which HasMade Paperless Lending Easier: One can carry out the business loan process 100% digitally, right from applying for the SME business loan online, checking the loan status and balance enquiry, getting the loan approved and finally sanction of the amount into one’s bank account.

  • Mobile Banking-India has a very high level of mobile penetration. Fintech lenders have enabled loan application through mobile apps. Truly business loans are within a hand’s reach. Availability of e-passbook, online loan account,and customer portals enable the loan applicant to get timely status updates of the loan application. Various apps are available where one can handle one’s account with smartphones.
  • Internet Lending –India has amongst the largest base of internet users in the world. Thus, the spread of internet-enabled lending process comes as no surprise. One can directly apply for SME loans on the lender’s website portal.

For a business owner, security and confidentiality of sensitive business information are of prime concern. With the advancement in technology Identity theft, data theft are common threats.

In the past, when all the transactions happened on paper, the customer’s signature validated the customer’s identity and the proof of authentication and secure transaction. But with the onset ofthe electronic medium,the manual signature is not possible. Thus a digital e-signature assumes prominence. Fintech lenders recognizing the importance of digital security have put in place world-class IT infrastructure:

  • Data security framework: Use of best-in-class security tools, strict IT governance and security frameworks to virtually eradicate any security issues. Enterprise content management system governed by a highly encrypted data security framework.
  • World-class secure data center facilities and Infrastructure: Data centers are hosted through secured public & private cloud operating from India thatoperates with minimum N+1 redundancy.
  • To ensure your privacy and security, in the website portal & mobile application, there is inbuilt user based authentications like
    1. Form authentication using the Sign In Portlet with extensible adapters for checking and storing credentials
    2. Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions
    3. SAML plugin JAAS integration with application server

4 . e-sign facility of the final loan agreement

Understanding e-Sign

Paperless lending needs a secure standardized tool to validate all the transactions. This is where e-Sign and eKYC play a key role. It is the equivalent of hand sign for the identity and authentication. E-Sign and e-KYC i.e. electronic know your customer is data in electronic form which provides adequate privacy and security to the customers in the financial online transactions.

Electronic signatures are a cryptographic mechanism which is used to ensure the authentication. It is accepted by all fintechlenders and there is aminimum incidence of fraud or forgery, with guaranteed integrity.

Benefits of e-signature include:                            

  • Reduced Processing Time for the fintech lender
  • Easy authenticity of the user
  • Reduction in the processing Costs
  • Ensures Security and Confidentiality for Documents and Data
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Prompt Decision-making and Approval Process
  • Hallmark of a secure and trustworthy system
  • Convenience to the user, without the need to physically visit fintech office premise

By the use of e-signature or digital signatures the documents one electronically signs are 100% trustworthy and are an authenticated paperless transaction.

Digital signatures can be inserted into the document and can easily travel electronically to from one computer to another through emails and FTP (file transfer protocol) to the destination. The Digital signature solutions are seamlessly integrated with all the business applications.

To make Indian lending space completely digital, fintech lenders have adopted Aadhar based OTP verification.This aligns with the Government of India’s Digital India initiative and is gradually making the fintech revolution a large scale, impactful social movement.

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Fast Loan – Require a Loan But Have Poor Credit?

Getting poor credit can be quite frustrating because it implies lots of negative ramifications particularly with regards to coping with financial transactions for example trying to get a home loan, purchasing a vehicle, getting personal insurances, and securing loans.

Should you have to take a loan but they are reluctant to do this from your poor credit, there are specific ways around it which you can use. With regards to applying for a quick loan for those who possess a under impressive credit rating, hassles could be prevented by making use of online sources that will help find creditors who definitely are amenable to loaning money to high-risk debtors.

Probably the most favorable ways to have a fast loan is as simple as trying to get one online. There is no secrete that there are plenty of credit entities that accept and process loan requests online and fundamental essentials firms that can be harmful credit people friendly. You will find online loans which the only real two needs are evidence of identification along with a certificate of employment to be able to assure a person’s capacity to repay the cash.

You won’t need to make an individual trip to the creditors so that you can save a piece of your time. It’s also a good idea to consider several creditor to potentially work with particularly if you are worried using the rate where you be granted the borrowed funds you’re trying to get.

Fast loans are often processed within hrs you has posted all of the necessary information the creditor needs. In some instances, you may be needed to place up collateral by means of an energetic bank account to be able to facilitate the payment in case your debt. You’ve got a better possibility of getting approved should you produce an iron clad evidence of your ability to pay. If you don’t possess a bank account, you may still get approval provided that you’ve a steady job which pays enough money that will you to definitely pat from the debt over time.

You are able to negotiate a lesser rate of interest even though you have poor credit by asking the loan provider for any shorter payment period. This kind of arrangement is going to be advisable if you’re expecting money in the future in inside a couple of days once you have acquired the borrowed funds. There simply no reason that you should pay a really high interest when you are able negotiate for any rate that’s amenable for your finances.

Quick online loans for those who have poor credit are often granted at really small amounts beginning from $250 to $2500 meaning they’re usually meant to cover immediate expenses for example having to pay off bills, etc. You shouldn’t create a habit from getting such loans because this since you will finish up losing more income than you are able to afford. In almost any situation, you are able to rely on this kind of borrowing for anyone who is inside a financial jam that should be resolved rapidly.

In which direction do you really work? These are questions that someone can keep in mind while talking about cash loan Singapore. Take all the steps and sometimes you have to start small. When something is small, that means there is a possibility of development in it.

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What to Consider Before Agreeing to a Payday Loan

If you are thinking about taking out a personal loan, or you are considering taking out a shorter payday loan it is important to understand the different options open to you, and the variables that will impact on your ability to pay back the loan on time and in full. Never make a commitment to a financial product or service without first being as fully informed as possible about all potential outcomes and always choose to borrow from a responsible lender that has demonstrated that you can trust them, whether a bank or a payday loan direct lender.

First of all it is important to sit down and make an extensive list of all of your incomings and outgoings financially for each month. Once you have a list in front of you, in black and white, you can see clearly the dates and amounts that are going out in rent/mortgage and bills, and see how much leftover cash you have each month. In most cases a payday loan is only sought as a short-term measure, to tide a borrower over until next payday due to some unforeseen bill or circumstance where there is a need for money to boost a short-term cashflow for a few days or weeks. If you feel that you can afford to pay back the lump sum of a payday loan and the interest attached to it, by all means apply for a loan. Responsible payday loan direct lenders will never put you in danger these days, due to tighter industry regulations and application processes.

Your next choice should be about how much to borrow and how long you choose to pay back the loan. For some people the sooner the amount is paid back the better, with a loan paid back in one payment or two at a higher payment amount, but with less interest attached. If you would like greater flexibility you could choose an instalment loan that is repaid over a period of a few months. In these cases the payment amount is lower, but the overall amount is higher due to the longer period of repayment and the associated interest attached. It is all down to personal preference on the length of repayment and amount of monthly repayments you wish to make.

Always look at the entire financial picture before committing to a payday loan. If you are not in the correct frame of mind, or you might struggle to pay back the loan, leaving you with very little spare cash with which to pay for your other bills, groceries, and leisure spends for the coming month or months, don’t go ahead with the loan. It is important that you do not place your life in greater financial risk through taking out a loan, and the modern breed of responsible payday loan lenders will always look at the full picture before committing to giving you a loan if they feel you will struggle financially as a result of taking it out.

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